Monday, September 12, 2016

Chapter's Preview + The Hoshin Kanri Forest: Lean Strategic Organizational Design


Strategic Lean Management (LM) efforts almost always fail because Leaders often lack a map of their own organization. The reason for this might be that scholars have so far mostly provided qualitative or rigid one-size-fits-all frameworks for strategically designing organizations. The purpose of this work is to provide a comprehensive quantifiable framework for strategically designing organizations for LM. Combining knowledge about Strategic Organizational Design and LM, we introduce a novel theory called HOSHIN KANRI FOREST that considers organizations as networks with organizational structure, functional connectivity and effective dynamic patterns in the quest of attaining an optimal Strategic Organizational Design towards the strategic goal of LM. This work presents the future of Lean organizations relying on strategically designing its structure, function and effective dynamics so as to emulate nature.


Los esfuerzos estratégicos de Lean Management (LM) casi siempre fracasan porque los Leaders carecen de un mapa de su propia organización. La razón de esto puede estar en que los estudiosos de la materia han aportado hasta ahora esquemas muy rígidos para configurar el diseño de organizaciones. La intención de esta tesis doctoral es proponer un nuevo paradigma para diseñar estrategicamente organizaciones hacia LM. Combinando conocimiento de diseño organizacional estratégico y LM, introducimos una nueva teoría llamada BOSQUE de HOSHIN KANRI que considera a las organizaciones como redes con estructura organizacional, connectividad funcional y una dinámica efectiva regida por patrones para así describir una estrategia de diseño organizacional hacia el objetivo de LM. Esta tesis presenta el futuro de las organizaciones Lean basándose así en diseños estructurales, funcionales y dinámicas efectivas para así emular a la naturaleza.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Hoshin Kanri Forest: Lean Strategic Organizational Design

Dear Hoshin Kanri Network,

Today, I am excited to announce the upcoming publication with Productivity Press of my new book: The Hoshin Kanri Forest: Lean Strategic Organizational Design.

This book aims to make your Hoshin Kanri experience more exciting and successful.

You can visit the Book’s Website with more related material. Book's Website The Hoshin Kanri Forest: Lean Strategic Organizational Design

On the Productivity Press Book’s page you can find more technical information about the book.

The Book will be available in the near future and closer to the publication date (probably after New Year) I will contact you again with further exciting details about why, how-to and when this concepts should be implemented.

These details depend highly on the interaction with you. For this reason, if after reviewing the chapter's preview or any of the Youtube videos for instance, you have special interest on a specific topic, just let me know. 
You know you can always reach me at for your questions or comments. I'd love to hear from you!

Please, feel free to forward this information to anyone in your network you think might be interested in this material.

I want to thank from here the Productivity Press Editorial Team (Michael, Alexandria, Iris, Adel, Michelle and many others) for the superb Team work, expertise and patient feedback throughout the editorial process.

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Dr. Javier Villalba-Diez


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